Blackout Speakout

For the past 200 years or so we have used vast amounts of our Natural Capital to create wealth. Along the way, we’ve destroyed forests, caused extinctions, polluted the air, over fished the ocean, relegated our farm animals to a life of misery and pain. Many fortunes have been created from these actions – and when the creators of those fortunes run out of things to buy they give small portions back to charity and are lauded by our society as Philanthropists.

For a short time in the early 1970’s it appeared that we were beginning to understand the consequences of what we have done (see previous Earth Day related posts). Collectively, we took some meaningful steps to stop the destruction of the environment from getting worse and in some cases we even made some small improvements.

As children of this hopeful time, we founded Birds and Beans to show that there is another way – to work with Nature rather than enslaving her. To demonstrate ways to harness the services provided by Nature without destroying them.  Our demonstration case of this greater principle is certified Bird Friendly coffee… that we can preserve valuable habitat and Natural Capital while also supporting the growers and enriching our lives with better tasting coffee.

Recently we have become very concerned that, particularly in Canada, the pendulum is swinging the other way. Our Governments, lead by the Federal Government are weakening environmental regulations, laying off scientists and attacking our respected environmental charities. Why are they doing this? The only explanation is they see it as a way to help them win the next election. They are trading short term economic gain for long term pain.

It is time to tell them they are wrong. Visit the Blackout Speakout site. Sign the petition. Share it with your friends.

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